Friday, August 28, 2015

Sands of an Hour Glass

Sands of an Hour Glass
By David Shamo

Heart thumping with the sound of her name,
Taking hold spinning round and round,
As here I stand in her presence,
Melting deep within,
Giving the reason to be twitterpated,
As time see life in reverse.

Smiling from ear to ear the eyes,
Showing her any and all,
Awaiting the touch,
The small embrace,
The forbidden love.

Rain falls as all that could have been,
Is torn apart in dark folds of timeless strands of eternity,
Collapsing with motions still,
Shockwave rippling,
When memory flips,
From page to page,
Faster even faster.

Showing in the minds eye,
The way she took my heart,
Each smile, kind word spoken, stories told,
While the sands of time,
Captured us in its warm embrace.

Ending all, Breath released,
Chapter done, here to be read,
For the battle fought,
Has yet to be won.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Debt of the Blessed

Debt of the Blessed
By David Shamo
December 27, 2014

The plan I do lay,
Timing with a goal one will stray,
The price of friendship, I will pay.

Dark as the harvest moon spreading quick and far
Moments beat slower as the river flows.
Calls go out when the key is found
Door open wide; picture one never forgets.

Forbidden words slips the lips
As hearts shatter, tripling in speed,
“Call to arms” the battle is here in spite.
Reinforcements called is almost nigh
Tree falls with stomping of the feet.
Chattering voices, blinks of time,
Cold pierces through.

One raises the flag
To signal a loss of the one inside,
Trumpets sound for the one
Who was lost has been found.

Time in the balance
The master came to collect,
 Debts are owed.

The life was spared, friendship
Was spent, blessed are those
With tear soaked pillows at night
For the win was hard,
But worth the fight.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Red, White, & Blue

Red, White, & Blue
By David W. Shamo
July 3, 2014

Fathers past and sons of old,
 Fought the good fight,
 Running up hill,
 Weapon at the ready.

 Tears told a story,
As bursts of light flew overhead,
 One comes home with the colors cover,
 Music fades as taps start to play,
Fallen soldier ma, pops, or child of mine.

 Envisioned the day,
 On that windless night,
  Time slows down,
 With friends in sight.

 One so young has risked it all,
 Finding courage amongst this endless dawn.

 Love is true like the Red White and Blue,
 When a friend gives his,
 So another may live.

 Flags will fly,
 To tell their story,
 For those who fight,
 For the Red White and Blue. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Looking back on a few of the Crochet gifts given.

Given to Mike Taylor, Crochet by Shelena Shamo.

Given to Gary Erickson, Crochet by David Shamo.

Given to Kristen Hall, Crochet by David Shamo.

Finished and Given to Mom Shamo, Crochet by Elder David Shamo.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

SYOTOS ~ From T.V. seires Flash Point

S = See
Y= You
O= On
T= The
O= Other
S= Side

Walking the Talk ~ Feb 7 2013

Respect, The word that rattles back and forth, like the sway of the train as it rolls rollin' down the track.
Two speak like chattering mice, one or two, three and more.
Fire in the ears as the Innocent run screaming.
Youth resounds as the young ling walk, and talk, like the world is all but a dream;
What's up y'all, Respect y'all,
Who, Is the day of the midnight sun finding each fleeting star, with each sound of the bell,
Ding; ding; Ding;
One so young thinking she is all that, carrying life like a stalk flying so high.
When, Is the heart that beats, thumping from generation to generation.
Where, Is the end...
 Baby Girl I'm Out!

Back Story
While on the Trax train going to work I sat at the back of the train car when two young girls between the ages 13 - 15 sat across from me.  These two girls were swearing every other word. Parts of their conversation was about wanting respect from their peirs and not get it. Also about some of their friends not hanging out with them due to one them becoming pregnet. The last word that one of the girls said to the other as they were going their seperate ways was, "Baby girl I am out!"
Because of this coversation I wrote this poem.

From Within ~ Dec 2 2012

Broken tears of fear and love,
guilding each new step in the falling sands of life.

One soldier falls as another steps to lead,
like the winds of the wisping moon.

As sun day dawns with fire flies swarming,
new beginnings rise with each flower turning.

Quiet and soft the hearts are thumping,
like the melodies of a fresh forest rain.

Time flows with the mountian streams,
as if stars above are found below.

Keeping time with each striking flash,
as one moment to the next fills each everlasting.