Friday, August 28, 2015

Sands of an Hour Glass

Sands of an Hour Glass
By David Shamo

Heart thumping with the sound of her name,
Taking hold spinning round and round,
As here I stand in her presence,
Melting deep within,
Giving the reason to be twitterpated,
As time see life in reverse.

Smiling from ear to ear the eyes,
Showing her any and all,
Awaiting the touch,
The small embrace,
The forbidden love.

Rain falls as all that could have been,
Is torn apart in dark folds of timeless strands of eternity,
Collapsing with motions still,
Shockwave rippling,
When memory flips,
From page to page,
Faster even faster.

Showing in the minds eye,
The way she took my heart,
Each smile, kind word spoken, stories told,
While the sands of time,
Captured us in its warm embrace.

Ending all, Breath released,
Chapter done, here to be read,
For the battle fought,
Has yet to be won.

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